The first patch for Apex Legends Season 3 is now live, and brings with it a limited-time Duos Mode and a firing range for players to test out their skills before heading to World’s Edge.

The Duos Mode was first teased at the end of October, and will be available to play from November 5-19. The new mode will be quite the deviation from Apex Legends’ standard gameplay, which focuses on three-player squads.

Specific team-based abilities are likely to be more effective in this mode, that is if you find a willing and cooperative partner to play with. Expect grittier and more tactically-intensive fights when you strike out as a duo.

If you want to get in better shape before trying out the new Duos Mode, then the newly-introduced Firing Range is perfect for you.

This new training ground lets you enter either solo or as a squad with any Legend of your choice to train with. Target dummies are scattered around the arena for you to shoot at, with all weapons — including attachments and hop-ups — at your disposal.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

It’s hard to hone your aim during a normal match in any battle royale game — mostly due to the fact that you won’t get every weapon and there are enemies out there set on taking you out — which makes the Firing Range a welcome addition to Apex Legends.

Aside from those major additions, the patch also makes changes to Season 3’s new Legend, Crypto, and weapon projectile collision.

The tech-savvy Legend’s drone is now able to damage armor that players have dropped, making them useless for any enemies scrounging for protection. Bugs that caused Crypto to not be healed by Lifeline while in control of his drone and to be taken out of control of it by Gas from a Caustic have been fixed as well.

The projectile width on some weapons has also been increased, making it easier for them to hit their targets. The affected weapons include all shotguns, the L-STAR, the Longbow DMR, Kraber, and G7 Scout.

In addition, the headshot multiplier for the Wingman has been reduced from 2.15 to 2.1 times the normal damage dealt. You can head out to the Firing Range to test these new weapon changes out.

A slew of bug and quality of life fixes have also been included in the patch, you can check them out in the full patch notes here.

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