Riot Games has already banned over 10,000 accounts that were found to have cheated in Valorant.

In a recent post on his personal Twitter account, Riot’s anti-cheat data engineer Philip Koskinas revealed that Valorant’s latest ban wave hit 1,600 accounts.

This comes a week after Valorant’s biggest ban wave so far, which Koskinas revealed hit a total of 8,873 accounts.

Koskinas also announced that Valorant’s anti-cheat system has now begun handing out “Soulbans.” According to the game’s anti-cheat engineer, a soulban suspends any past, present, and future accounts made by a user that was found to have cheated at any point in time.

While Koskinas said that some soulbans will be lifted once Valorant has released to give repentant cheaters a second chance, he added that it is “the absolute limit of our mercy.”

Even though Valorant’s anti-cheat system seems to be doing its job well, it is worth noting that it has ruffled some feathers in the community due to its intrusiveness.

Many members of the Valorant community found the anti-cheat program’s ‘always on’ feature intrusive and raised concerns over player privacy, due to its kernel-mode driver component. In response, Riot has given in to player demands and handed them more control over the game’s anti-cheat system.

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