Tekken legend, Kim “JDCR” Hyunjin, took another impressive victory last weekend at the Electric Cancel Tekken Challenger Event.

In the grand finals he faced off against American pro, Jimmy “JimmyJTran” Tran, who was fighting out of the losers bracket.

In the grand finals, Jimmy played his go-to main of Bryan while JDCR stuck to Dragunov.

In game one, both players started out cautiously, testing each other with pokes. Jimmy took the first round with a beautiful counterhit into a combo.

However, JDCR quickly tied it up, and both players traded rounds to take the score to 2-2.

In the end, JDCR took the first game with a series of quick low pokes and jabs to take the early lead.

Both players continued poking at each other in game two. However, this time, Jimmy came away victorious, ending game two with a beautiful guaranteed taunt combo.

Game three played out the same way, with Jimmy landing a strong while-standing punish and an incredible counter-hit combo from a Northern Cross kick.

Up 2-1, Jimmy started to play more aggressively, but JDCR used this to his advantage. Despite being low on life he took game four with a stellar Rage Drive to tie up the score.

At 2-2, with Jimmy looking for the reset and JDCR trying to finish off the game, both players raised their game. JDCR got off to a great starting, taking the first two rounds in a flash, but Jimmy fought back, and took rounds three and four to tie up the score.

With the first set coming down to the wire, both players played carefully, chipping away at each other, and trying to avoid giving their opponent an opening.

However, JDCR eventually took the lead with a punish corkscrew combo. Seizing the upper hand he pushed his advantage and was able to finish off Jimmy with one last low, taking the set and with it the tournament trophy.

With his well-deserved win, JDCR goes home with US$500 and 150 Tekken World Tour points, maintaining his spot at number five on the TWT leaderboard.

Jimmy won US$250 and 100 TWT points, landing at 15th place on the leaderboard.

The next TWT event will be the Berlin Tekken Clash in Germany, which will happen on October 19-20.

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