What’s better than holding a trophy in your hands for an esports pro? For Eduardo “PR Balrog” Pérez, it’s his baby son — during a game, then winning.

PR Balrog created a heart-warming moment at a Street Fighter 6 tournament held in California, USA. In the Grindhouse Fighters tournament, PR Balrog fought his way to the finals through the winner’s bracket.

PR Balrog won the Street Fighter 6 tournament with his child on his lap

With baby in hands, PR Balrog set about the arduous task to take down Miky “Samurai” Chea, who advanced to the finals through the loser’s bracket, in a best-of-five set.

Samurai was able to reset the bracket and bring the series to its final game. With his opponent up by one round and 40 seconds left in the second round, his Luke was able to deplete the fighter dad’s lifebar down to a slither. However, he wasn’t able to capitalize and used up his Drive Gauge trying to finish the job, causing Luke to enter the Burnout State.

PR Balrog was quick to take advantage of the situation. Using his Drive, he managed to infiltrate his opponent’s zoning defense that resulted to a series of strings that ended with an overhead stomp, giving him the last point he needed to win the grand final 3-2. What’s more amazing is that he managed to do all this while his kid was sitting comfortably on his lap.

Chris Jones, a photographer and fighting game player, shared on social media, “I find it hard to play when my cat sits in my lap and PR Balrog out here with his baby playing grand finals lol.”

PR Balrog is a seasoned Street Fighter player in the fighting game community. Alongside the current title, he has competed in games like Marvel vs. Capcom, Killer Instinct, and Mortal Kombat since 2009.

Previously in his career, the Street Fighter player was under contract with Evil Geniuses and is currently part of Team Beast, an esports organization based in Japan, which is also the homeland of the legendary fighting game player Daigo Umehara.

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