The Capcom Pro Tour 2020 season was supposed to start this month with the Brussels Challenge 2020.

But due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Capcom has been forced to remove its first three events of the season. The 2020 CPT circuit is now set to begin with Armor Break, which is scheduled on April 25 in Toronto, Canada.

Nevertheless, with the CPT 2020 season close to starting, Capcom has released the new rule set for tournament play.

The new 24.1 rule set introduces a new section that bans specific costumes “from a standpoint of fairness.”

The 13 costumes that have been banned are:

In addition, a select number of colors (but not the costume outright) will be banned from the CPT:

Some of the costumes have been banned to avoid confusion. For example, Urien’s Halloween costume makes him look exactly like Gill.

Other costumes have effects that could hide certain player movements like Gill’s distracting Pyron outfit or Blanka’s Nerigante costume.

Meanwhile, character outfits like Rashid’s Viewtiful Joe or Ryu’s Mega Man costumes make them look completely different from the original design and could cause players to second guess their hit-boxes or attack ranges.

Capcom has also decided to remove the following stages from tournament play:

  • Kanzuki Beach
  • The Grid
  • Flamenco Tavern
  • Skies of Honor
  • Field of Fate
  • Mysterious Cover

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