With this year’s Capcom Cup fast approaching, all Street Fighter V competitors are scrambling to earn as many Capcom Pro Tour points as they can to move them up the Global Leaderboard.

Shanghai, China’s PPL Fighter Masters CPT Premier event was filled with great talent that produced amazing moments and unbelievable highlights. Here are the ones that stood out.

Xiao Hai versus Itabashi Zangief (Pools)

The crowd was hyped after local representative Zeng “Xiao Hai” Zhuojun defeated Japanese favorite, Hiromiki “Itabashi Zangief” Kumada, in an intense Cammy versus Abigail match.

Fujimura versus Ryusei (Pools)

Fujimura “Fujimura” Atsushi demonstrated an impeccable Ibuki performance against Ryusei “Ryusei” Ito. Instant overheads, V-Trigger Fuma-Shuriken cross-ups, and Air-Kunai mix-ups were all in full display.

Hotdog29 vs Fujimura (Pools)

Yeh “Hotdog29” Man Ho looked unstoppable all throughout the tournament. He took advantage of M. Bison’s long-range pokes. Even if the attacks didn’t hit, they still managed to chip away Fujimura’s health bar.

Fujimura answered back in the following round with his hyper-aggressive Ibuki playstyle. He closed out the round with an incredible V-Trigger Fuma-Shuriken mix-up that had the commentators confused as well.

NL versus Mago (Top 16)

Sim “NL” Gun has been on a tear since his run at the Celtic Throwdown 2019. He was able to defeat Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi in an exciting Akuma mirror-match. He then defeated another Japanese FGC God in Kenryo “Mago” Hayashi.

NL versus Fujimura (Top 8)

NL then battled Fujimura during the Losers’ Quarter Finals. On the verge of elimination, Fujimura was able to trap NL in the corner and land a sick double mix-up that forced the match to a final set.

NL found himself in a similar situation during the final round of the match, but he managed to clutch out the round by blocking a desperation ex-Dragon Punch from Fujimura.

Hotdog29 versus Mago (Top 8)

Hotdog29’s M. Bison was on point against Mago. After getting the V-Trigger command-grab on Karin, Hotdog29 got a hard knockdown and immediately went for a Head Stomp cross-up that won him the round.

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