Adel “Big Bird” Anouche put together one of his best performances of the year to win EGX 2019, the last Capcom Pro Tour Premier of the year for Europe.

The tournament featured the top Street Fighter V talents from the European region. These include Benjamin “Problem X” Simon and DC “Infexious” Coleman. Southeast Asian pros like Kun “Xian” Ho, Sim “NL” Gun, and Li-Wei “Oil King” Lin also participated in the competition.

Among the top contenders, it was fellow EU veteran Arman “Phenom” Hanjani who dominated the lower bracket and climb his way into the Grand Final to face Big Bird.

Big Bird was playing on another level though. Prior to the start of the Grand Final, he had only lost two sets in the tournament. In the first set, Big Bird decided to play it safe and waited for Phenom to make mistakes which he capitalized on.

Phenom didn’t make the proper adjustments in the following set, which allowed Big Bird to eventually trap him and do most of his damage in the corner.

After losing a set to Phenom, Big Bird got back on track by getting to match point after a dominant round. In the last round of the tournament, Big Bird pulled off an incredible V-Trigger mix-up setup using Rashid that scored him the clinching win for the EGX 2019 crown.

For his first-place finish at EGX 2019, Big Bird secured US$7,000 and 700 Capcom Pro Tour points, moving him up to sixth-place on the Global Leaderboard. He finished with 1,915 total CPT points at the end of EGX 2019.

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