Blizzard’s popular team-based shooter, Overwatch, is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

The game is available as a Legendary Bundle digital edition for US$40, which includes the full game, five legendary hero skins, five epic hero skins, and five origin hero skins. You also get three months of free Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Here are the skins you get with the Legendary edition:


  • Okami Hanzo
  • Valkyrie Mercy
  • Police Officer D.Va
  • Mystery Man McCree
  • Fool Junkrat


  • Carbon Fiber Genji
  • Pale Moira
  • Paragon Reinhardt
  • Winter Widowmaker
  • Shrike Ana


  • Security Chief Pharah
  • Strike Commander Morrison Soldier: 76
  • Slipstream Tracer
  • Blackwatch Reyes Reaper
  • Overgrown Bastion

The Origin skins can only be obtained with the Legendary edition of the game. The Legendary and Epic skins can all be found in regular loot boxes.

Switch players will also receive a golden loot box with a guaranteed non-duplicate legendary item when they log in anytime from their purchase date until December 31 this year.

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