With the Overwatch League Season 3 kicking off on February 8, Blizzard is releasing GOAT Brigitte, a legendary skin that is a cheeky homage to GOATS, the 3 tank/3 healer comp that dominated the meta for most of last season.

Brigitte was the lynchpin of the GOATS comp due to her passive AoE healing, armor-providing Rally ultimate, and Shield Bash ability.

The GOATS meta only ended in Stage 4, when Blizzard introduced 2-2-2 role lock.

The new skin gives Brigitte white, purple, and blue armor, goat head shoulder pads, and a large pair of goat horns on her head. Her shield also has a large goat head in the middle of it.

GOAT Brigitte will be available from February 6-19, and will likely be sold for Overwatch League tokens.

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