MPL SG/MY has resumed after a temporary suspension over concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, with the regular season shortened from six to five weeks.

Week 4 is the first week after Season 16’s patch 1.4.60 which nerfed popular meta heroes, as well as battle spell Flameshot, which was widely utilized by pro teams.

Week 4 results

  • Geek Fam 2 – 1 Todak
  • Axis Esports 0 – 2 Team SMG
  • Todak 2 – 1 Siren Clan
  • Team Bosskurr 1 – 2 Resurgence
  • EVOS SG 2 – 0 Axis Esports
  • Team SMG 0 – 2 Resurgence
  • Team Bosskurr 2 – 1 EVOS SG
  • Resurgence 2 – 0 Geek Fam
  • Team SMG 1 – 2 Siren Clan
  • EVOS SG 2 – 0 Notorious Villains

Match of the week: Resurgence vs Geek Fam

This is the match we’ve been waiting all season for as both undefeated teams clashed, with the top spot on the leaderboard on the line.

Less than two minutes into game one, RSG set themselves up for early action. Brandon “Sana” Loh’s Jawhead and Jason “Jason” Koh’s Diggie prepared an ambush in the top side of the river. Flipping Xorn’s Khufra to their side of the map, they secured first blood.

The skirmishing didn’t stop there. Both teams kept trading back and forth kills until the 4-minute mark when RSG caught Xorn out once again in the mid lane bush. Even though Xorn bounced away to safety, two of his team mates paid the price for the misposition.

From then on, RSG held onto the gold lead. Even with the increased cooldown of Flameshot, they opted for it on three of their heroes and together, their combined damage in team fights was too much for Geek Fam to absorb.

With Lord, they closed out game one methodically in 13 and a half minutes.

RSG persisted with their successful off lane strategy in game two, first picking Uranus on blue side. They added Jawhead again into the mix, and finished off their draft with MLBB’s newest hero, Atlas, taking their heavy crowd control team composition to the next level. With Karrie as marksmen and Nana for support, they had a solid front to back lineup.

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

In response, Geek Fam gave themselves more tools for team fighting. Sticking with Khufra, they denied Carmilla and chose Aurora for AoEs that provide space for Claude to dish out damage.

From the get-go, Geek Fam looked determined to get game two in the bag. Picking on Lim “ly4ly4ly4” Yang early, they killed Karrie twice over and amassed a 3,000 gold lead with all four kills going over to Artz’s Leomord.

Geek Fam continued with the aggression, finding RSG members in the jungle and downing outer turrets. By the time they took Lord at 12 minutes, the gold lead had grown to 11,000.

However, RSG wasn’t out of the game just yet. A deep dive by Xorn’s Kurfra beyond the turret allowed RSG to nuke him. They immediately collapsed on Geek Fam, landing ly4ly4ly4 a double kill.

Nonetheless, Geek Fam continued to hold on to their gold lead. Things could not have gotten better for the Malaysian team, as they caught out Ho “Sync” Ee Hong’s Uranus in the jungle and finished off Eugene “Kayzeepi” Kong’s Atlas. With that, Geek Fam had a 5v3 advantage and went all in, taking down the base to one-third HP.

In that same moment, RSG exhibited the best base defense of their careers. Sana’s Jawhead jumped onto Claude, killed him, then drew the attention of the entire team. That was when ly4ly4ly4 went on the offense with late-game monster, Karrie.

This turn around moment was enough to give RSG all the confidence they needed to win game two. Yet another onslaught by Geek Fam with Lord took RSG’s base down to one-third HP, but again, RSG were able to successfully fight them off.

The final team fight at 20 minutes began when RSG took out Khufra. Geek Fam responded by piling onto ly4ly4ly4’s Karrie, bringing her down to a sliver of life, but Sync and Jason peeled so well for their late-game carry that she was able to clean house.

With the wipe out, RSG ran down Geek Fam’s base for the hard-fought 2-0.


1. Resurgence (6-0)
2. EVOS SG (6-2)
3. Geek Fam (6-1)
4. Team SMG (4-4)
5. Orange Esports Reborn (2-3)
6. Team Bosskurr (2-4)
7. Todak (2-4)
8. Axis Esports (2-5)
9. Siren Clan (2-5)
10. Notorious Villains (1-5)

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