Mobile Legends Pro League ID Season 5 is now halfway through the season, with Bigetron Alpha and RRQ Hoshi standing out as the best teams so far.

Week 5 Results

Genflix Aerowolf 2 – 1 Aura

Onic 1 – 2 Alter Ego

Geek Fam 0 – 2 Onic

Aura 1 – 2 EVOS Legends

RRQ Hoshi 0 – 2 GFLX

AE 0 – 2 Bigetron Alpha

Geek 0 – 2 RRQ

Match of the Week: Genflix Aerowolf vs. RRQ

Underdogs, GFLX, came out victorious over MPL superteam, RRQ. In Game 1, GFLX opted in for full-team attacks on individual players, leaving RRQ always undermanned. By the 16th minute, Deda “Clay” Mohamad and three other GFLX members caught Diky “Tuturu” and Mohd “Wizzking” Zulkifli in the top lane, cementing their final push for the first game win.

Although RRQ had a better footing in Game 2, it only took one mistake for GFLX to secure the game. By the 9-minute mark, GFLX committed to another full squad strike in the jungle and mid-lane, taking out Joshua “LJ” Darmansyah and Rivaldi “R7” Fatah. With a 3v5 advantage, GFLX stormed the base to claim the sweep against RRQ.

Player of the Week: Watt

GFLX’s Watt dominated both games of his team’s victories this week. As a roaming player, Watt quickly cleared camps and secured Lord and Turtle for the extra gold-income.

Even as a back-line shooter, Watt did not shy away from diving into enemy lines and unleashing a deadly Crossbow of Tang.


  1. Bigetron Alpha (7-1)
  2. RRQ Hoshi (7-2)
  3. EVOS Legends (5-3)
  4. Onic E-sports(4-5)
  5. Aura (4-5)
  6. Alter Ego Esports (4-5)
  7. Genflix Aerowolf (3-6)
  8. Geek Fam (1-8)

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