There will be tons of free loot for MLBB players.

Shanghai Moonton Technology’s 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has just revealed its list of giveaways in time for Halloween season.

And it looks like it will be raining rewards until November 8 in preparation for ML’s Trickster’s Eve event. Here are the in-game items you can get for free.

Weekend 1 (October 12 – 19)

Players can obtain the new Poison Vine Esmeralda Elite skin by teaming up and playing a game of Classic, Ranked, or Brawl.

Weekend 2 (October 19 – 20)

ML players can get Star Protection in their first three defeated Ranked matches when they play with their friends.

Weekend 3 (October 26 – November 1)

Players can draw one of the four permanent Elite skins (Blazing Lancer, Peafowl Dance, Apocalypse Agent, and Monk) when they team up with their friends.

Weekend 4 (November 2 – November 8)

Players can draw one of the four Normal skins (Power of Wilderness, Spear of the Bone Dragon, Flower Season, and Ancient Soul) when they team up with their friends.

Trickster’s Eve is MLBB’s annual Halloween event which enables players to give virtual candy known as Trick or Treat. Tricking ten friends will unlock an exclusive avatar border. Last year, an all-new mode called Deathbattle was introduced.

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