Echo Fox co-founder Rick Fox has had a change of heart regarding his earlier statement to depart the company.

Fox had wanted to leave the esports organization after a colleague, Jace Hall, was subjected to racism from an investor in the company. The co-founder spoke up yesterday on the issue on the first episode of the “Zero Fox Given” podcast, declaring that he would “fight to the last bone of marrow” to get the investor out.

“And in so, I’ve made a decision that I’m going to fight. I’m going to stand in this situation I’m on, I’m going to fight to the last bone of marrow that I have in this situation to get this person out of Echo Fox, to get our company in a situation where it moves forward,” said Fox.

He also described the whole affair as “one of the most challenging experiences” he’s ever had in his life to Twin Galaxies chairman Jace Hall and producer Todd Roy.

The issue, which saw one of Echo Fox’s investor uttering the n-word in reference to Hall, has since draw the attention of League Championship Series (LCS) management who has given the esports organization a 60-day time limit to resolve the issue with “appropriate corrective action”.

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