American video game developer and MOBA giant Riot Games is introducing URF Academy Online, an online learning hub providing free resource materials to game design educators.

URF Academy Online is a six-part curriculum designed for middle school and high school teachers lecturing in game design. By the end of the course, students are tasked to create a paper prototype game to test their knowledge on the subject.

The URF Academy Online curriculum uses a simple framework to teach essential design principles. The discussions revolve around creating and developing players, goals, opposition, mechanics and systems, and interaction.

Before its online version, URF Academy was launched in 2016 as an interactive workshop for students based in the Riot Games headquarters. Like its online counterpart, it was designed to teach fundamental concepts of game design. Later on, URF Academy expanded to regional offices in the US and around the world, including sites in St. Louis, Dublin, Sydney, São Paulo, and Mexico City.

All six modules of URF Academy Online are available at the Riot Games website.

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