The long-awaited second League of Legends Star Guardian cinematic has been released today and the first thing you’ll notice is that it features a darker theme in contrast to the first two Star Guardian videos.

Similar to the short clip teased during the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) Summer Finals, the video featured the new Star Guardians Xayah, Rakan, Neeko, and Zoe.

“Light and Shadow” starts with a somewhat corrupted Xayah chasing down Neeko around an abandoned building. Enter Rakan, who jumps in to protect his feathered-partner. While he is successful in putting a halt to the conflict between both Star Guardians, it just wasn’t enough to stop the chase. Neeko continues to run away, until she reache an old statue located at the top of the building.

Unfortunately for her, she has discovers the lair of evil Star Guardian Zoe who then transports Xayah and Rakan over to gang up on Neeko before attempting to convert her to the dark side.

A trippy battle scene follows, where the Star Guardians fight in the middle of space and falling debris. This gave Zoe a chance to start corrupting Neeko.

Just when the process was about to be completed, a crack of light reveals that Star Guardian Ahri is here to save the day. The three-minute clip ended with a focus on the three stones Ahri was holding on to in the 2017 Star Guardian video, A New Horizon.

Light and Shadow also featured music from popular anime artist Sawano Hiroyuki featuring the voice of Japanese singer Gemie.

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