The League of Legends Pro League is officially returning on March 9 after reviewing its situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

The League announced the news through an official tweet, which also explains what will happen for the rest of the season.

Instead of the usual studio set-up, teams will play online matches from their club headquarters, accompanied by on-site referees. Exceptions will also be made for players in quarantined provinces who are unable to leave their homes.

To ensure the safety and health of LPL’s teams and staff, all players are required to complete a 14-day monitored quarantine period and meet all local health requirements before they can play in LPL again.

The league’s broadcasts will still be available on YouTube and Twitch, with the Chinese broadcast happening from March 9-15 and the English broadcast happening right after.

This is the first time a pro League of Legends league will be played entirely online.

Although the league has already addressed that it will likely have “unforeseen technical difficulties,” they’re more than ready to give their fans and viewers the official return of their favorite LPL teams and players.

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