Rick Fox, founder of Echo Fox, is leaving the organization he co-founded.

The resignation comes via an email that he sent to all major stakeholders on April 19, where he spoke about his plans to leave due to an unpleasant exchange involving a partner of Vision Esports, the management company which funds Echo Fox, reported Dexerto.

The actor and former NBA player took issue over the use of the n-word to refer to Jace Hall, former CEO of Echo Fox and current head of Twin Galaxies esports website.

This wasn’t an isolated incident, as Fox and Hall have dealt with demeaning and disrespectful behavior in the past, added the report.

Echo Fox has also verified the claims regarding multiple instances of “racial epithets expressed verbally and via email” by the unknown individual. They chose not to disclose the identity of the accused but stated that said person is a “limited partner of the Echo Fox organization, who is not an employee, officer or director”, according to a statement obtained by Esports Observer.

It is also worth noting that Echo Fox claimed that it did not know about such instances and plans to act swiftly on the issue, stating that it has “made various demands to the offending investor” and “has requested for the investor’s disassociation from the company.”