March 7th is getting a new form in Honkai Star Rail 2.4. The selfie-obsessed Astral Express member will take on the role of an Xianzhou sword-fighter of the Hunt Path who deals Imaginary damage. 

Unlike Yunli and Jiaoqiu, March 7th Hunt is a free-to-play character you can unlock by completing a special event in HSR 2.4.

As such, below, you can find the list of all ascension and trace materials for the March 7th Hunt so that you’re prepared to max her out stats on day one. 

Full list of required March 7th Hunt materials in Honkai Star Rail

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All March 7th Hunt materials for ascension

You mainly need to farm Horn of Snow to level up March 7th Hunt.  

204 Thief’s Instinct3,200
308 Thief’s Instinct6,400
405 Usurper’s Scheme,2 Horn of Snow12,800
508 Usurper’s Scheme,5 Horn of Snow32,000
605 Conqueror’s Will, 15 Horn of Snow64,000
707 Conqueror’s Will, 28 Horn of Snow128,000

In total, you will need the following amount of ascension materials to level up March 7th Hunt: 

  • 12 Conqueror’s Will
  • 50 Horn of Snow
  • 12 Thief’s Instinct
  • 13 Usurper’s Scheme
  • 246,000 Credits
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Credit: HoYoverse, ONE Esports
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All March 7th Hunt materials for trace skills

You mainly need to farm Countertemporal Shot to level up March 7th Hunt’s trace skills. 

In total, you will need the following amount of trace materials for her: 

  • 42 Conqueror’s Will
  • 105 Countertemporal Shot
  • 12 Destroyer’s Final Road
  • 54 Destined Expiration
  • 12 Meteoric Bullet
  • 42 Usurper’s Scheme
  • 5 Tracks of Destiny 
  • 28 Thief’s Instinct
  • 2,400,000 Credits

That’s all the March 7th Hunt ascension and trace materials you need in Honkai Star Rail.

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