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Demon Slayer‘s popularity has reached seismic proportions with the success of the series’ manga, anime, and movies. With each new arc, the series successfully takes things up a notch by introducing new characters that capture our attention.

Doma, a Twelve Demon Moon who is in the Swordsmith Village Arc anime and To the Swordsmith Village movie, piqued the interest of many Demon Slayer fans. The enigmatic demon mesmerized audiences with his multi-colored eyes and wry smile full of devilish promises.

It is hard to imagine how a beautifully menacing character could exist in real life. However, an incredible Doma cosplay by weilanran just proved that demons do walk among us.

Warning: Spoilers if you have not seen the Entertainment District Arc.

This Demon Slayer Doma cosplay is so god-tier, it deserves a shrine

Doma Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc
Credit: ufotable

The photos shared on weilanran’s Instagram account are reminiscent of the demon’s first appearance in the anime, seemingly playful and almost carefree.

Until you remember Doma’s a lethal member of the Twelve Demon Moons, and realize that he’s just had a horrendously messy meal. A picture from the set references this as the cosplayer holds up a limp, pale arm to their lips. Cue fangirls everywhere asking to be devoured in the comments.

Not only did weilanran put together an accurate version of the Upper Moon Two’s signature black and red outfit with its dripping bloodstain design, but the Chinese cosplayer also captured Doma’s poses and expressions perfectly.

Doma cosplay by weilanran
Credit: weilanran

There are differences in the costume weilanran has chosen for their shoot in comparison to the one Doma wears in Gyutaro’s flashback, and this is because the cosplayer is wearing an outfit shown only in the manga so far.

With the props and soft light backdrop used to complete the shoot, this Doma cosplay is an ode to everything ethereal yet frightening about the character, from his dignified attire to the contrast that his razor-sharp fan creates.

Doma cosplay by weilanran
Credit: Koyoharu Gotouge and weilanran

Seeing as Doma’s initial appearance took place a century before the story’s current timeline, we can be certain that he’s become an even bigger threat. But if weilanran’s Doma cosplay has proven anything, it’s that beauty can be quite deadly, and Doma’s is a beauty we’ll gladly welcome.

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