Google has revealed that there will be 16 new games coming to Google Stadia this year, including five exclusives titles.

The exclusives consist of two “Only on Stadia”, two “First on Stadia”, and one “Stadia and PC only at launch” listings.

Both “Only on Stadia” games — cutesy battle arena shooter, Outcasters, and third-person action shooter and tower defense, Orcs Must Die! 3 — are first-party games that Stadia Games and Entertainment developers worked on. Of the two, Orcs Must Die! 3 is immediately claimable for free on Stadia Pro. As for normal Stadia users, they need to pay US$29.99 for the game.

As for “First on Stadia” games, they are:

  • Super Bomberman R Online: This party game, which will launch on Google Stadia with Crowd Play on Day 1, expands on the success of Super Bomberman R. Beyond introducing a battle royale mode that can load up to 64 players in a single live battle, infinite customizations for characters and the bombs are major additions too.
  • One Hand Clapping: Ever tried signing to solve musical-driven puzles? That’s what this game expects players to do as it explores the alluringly beautiful world of music
  • Serious Sam 4: One of the most anticipated action shooters of all time will be returning with bigger maps to explore, more fun quips, and insane bad-guy to shoot at.

As for the other games that were introduced at Google’s Stadia Connect, they will feature cross-play capabilities, cross-progression, and entire collections being released.

The upcoming game titles are:

  • Dead by Daylight: Cross-play on all platforms with cross-progression for Nintendo Switch and PC
  • PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS: Season 8 kicks-off on July 30 and it introduces new battlezones like Getaway and Arfield
  • Hitman series: Follow Agent 47’s as he hunt down contracted targets throughout the first two games and the upcoming Hitman 3
  • Outriders: This role-playing action game combines sci-fi with fantasy to create a dystopian world for players to explore and do battle in
  • WWE 2K Battlegrounds: The popular wrestling game will introduce a new features that are designed to amp up the gameplay experience
  • PGA Tour 2K21: This latest entry now comes with an all-new PGA Tour Career Mode that gamers can compete in to win the FedExCup
  • NBA 2K21: Beyond better graphics, there are a now a variety of modes to choose from that promise a truly immersive game of basketball
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: 2019’s Game of the Year will be bringing its insane blend of fighting action and violent fights to Google Stadia
  • Hello Neighbor Series: This thrilling adventure, and its upcoming prequel, Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, is choke-full of jump-scares

More games are expected to show up this year as Google promised to rollout more than 120 games onto Stadia. With new ecosystem partners — Harmonix, Uppercut Games, and Supermassive Games — being signed on, gamers can expect to see older and upcoming games being added into the Stadia library.

More details about these games and updates on Google Stadia are available in the recorded livestream:

Credit: Google

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