Like many other online games, Once Humans features a redeem code system through which players can grab various rewards without spending a penny.

However, these codes are only issued by NetEase, the game developers, which is why finding them is a daunting task, especially for a typical player.

Therefore, we’ll walk you through a complete list of working Once Human codes along with instructions to redeem rewards in Once Human for your convenience.

All working Once Human codes

Once human codes -- creepy spider
Credit: NetEase

There are four active Once Human redeem codes as of writing this article:

  • Code: fcnx8nhxj7
    • Reward: 300x Energy Link, 2x Activator, 1x Adrenaline Shot
  • Code: OnceHuman0710
    • Reward: ‘Camouflage’ Motorcycle Paint
  • Code: OnceHumanIGP
    • Reward: 300x Energy Link, 2x Activator, 1x Adrenaline Shot
  • Code: OH000007
    • Reward: 300x Energy Link, 2x Activator

Apart from these codes, you can also try redeeming OnceHumanTBG, OnceHumanJRpt and OnceHumanLG but these are exclusive to a few regions.

Also, it’s important to note that the aforementioned codes are valid for a limited time, so make sure to claim the rewards before they expire.

How to redeem Once Human codes

Follow these instructions to claim rewards in Once Human:

  1. Visit the Shop events page.
  2. Click on the Redeem codes option.
  3. Enter an active redeem code from the above list.
  4. Finally, press Redeem to claim rewards.
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Remember that you can’t redeem rewards as soon as you boot up the game for the first time. First of all, you will need to complete the introductory mission known as Eve of Evolution. 

Similar to other games, the tutorial mission gives you an overview of the game’s narrative and basic mechanics. However, you’ll also face a Level 5 Siren boss fight. Once you defeat the boss and conquer the mission, you can head to the Shop Events page to redeem rewards.

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