Japanese soap brand, Muse, has launched an automatic, self-foaming soap dispenser in a really cute Pokémon design.

Perfect for a hands-free hand-washing experience.

The dispenser comes in a bright yellow color with electric-type Pikachu on the front.

Credit: Muse

It has motion detectors so users can just hover their hands under the spout without coming into direct contact with the dispenser itself.

To entice kids (and Pokémon trainers) to frequently wash their hands, the set comes with a blue soda lemon soap. What’s magical is that the color of the bubbles changes as users start to wash their hands using the special soap.

Credit: Muse

Each soap bottle comes with a random Pokémom on its back label, so kids can play “Who’s that Pokémon?” while setting up the dispenser.

Credit: Muse

This Pokémon-themed medicinal hand soap is available in stores in Japan.

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