With the ONE Esports Dota 2 Jakarta Invitational Indonesia Regional Qualifier now over, here’s a look back at the top 5 plays from the weekend.

Khezcute saves Dreamocel with a perfectly timed False Promise

Alfi “Khezcute” Nelphyana pulled off a clutch False Promise save on his hard carry Arc Warden right before Song Yong “Sylevan” Le’s Reaper Scythe ultimate landed on Randy “Dreamocel” Dapoetra.

Mikoto lands a 4-man Electric Vortex on Team Oracle

Rafli Fathur “Mikoto” Rahman used his Ball Lighting ultimate to zip into four Team Oracle heroes. He then used his Electric Vortex ability to lock down and eliminate the controlled enemy heroes.

Jhocam jukes everyone on Team Oracle

After a botched middle lane push by T1, Jhocam was left surrounded by four Team Oracle heroes with what looked like no way out.

However, he was somehow able to juke the entire enemy team with his Blink and teleported back to base safely.

Team Oracle lands a massive wombo combo on T1

T1 foolishly walked into Team Oracle’s high ground advantage where they were caught by Adrian “Destrice” Eng’s Nyx Assassin who used his Impale.

Meng “No7” Ou followed up with a Dream Coil ultimate that kept T1’s heroes stunned up. This allowed Daniel “Ghost” Chan to land huge damage on T1’s heroes with his Medusa and win the team fight.

Hyde catches the enemy Puck off guard

Brizio Adi “Hyde” Putra was able to sneak up to Meng “No7” Ou’s Puck undetected while scouting for nearby Team Oracle heroes.

With No7 completely caught off guard, Hyde landed a perfect Impale that killed the enemy middle lane hero.

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