Day 2 of the DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major Group Stage has concluded and the bracket for the Main Event is now set.

Here’s how everything went down:

Group A

In Group A, WePlay! Bukovel Minor champions Nigma Esports and Southeast Asian squad Fnatic secured Upper Bracket berths while a slumping TNC Predator will have to start the Main Event from the Lower Bracket alongside Team Aster.

Nigma Esports topped Group A by sweeping Southeast Asian team Fnatic in the first matchup of the day in the Group A Winner’s Match, 2-0.

Meanwhile, MDL Chengdu Major champions TNC put on another lackluster showing as they were swept by Chinese Team Aster, 2-0.

Fnatic then defeated Aster, 2-0, in the Group A Decider Match to lock up the second Upper Bracket spot for the group.

Group B

Two of the favorites to win the tournament, Team Secret and Vici Gaming (VG), predictably topped Group B to make it to the Upper Bracket, while North and South American squads, Chaos Esports Club and Beastcoast will settle for a Lower Bracket run at the Main Event.

Secret breezed past Beastcoast, 2-0, in the Winner’s Match of the group, notably ending the first game of the series in just 20 minutes.

VG then made short work of both Chaos EC and Beastcoast, sweeping both in the Loser’s and Decider Match of the group, respectively, to lock up the second Upper Bracket spot for Group B.

Group C

The Group C results also turned out as expected, as Dota Summit 11 Minor champions Invictus Gaming (IG) and Alliance advance to the Upper Bracket while Reality Rift (RR) and (VP) fall to the Lower Bracket.

IG emerged victorious over Alliance in a hotly-contested Winner’s Match, 2-0, to become the first Upper Bracket team from Group C.

RR surprised VP in the Loser’s Match and winning it 2-0 to face Alliance, but they were outclassed by the European team and will have to settle for the Lower Bracket.

Group D

Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) has emerged as one of the biggest surprises of the tournament by topping Group D over top North American team Evil Geniuses (EG), who took second place in the group.

Team Liquid and paiN Gaming, on the other hand, fall to the Lower Bracket.

Na’Vi followed up on their surprising upset over EG in Day 1 by dominating Liquid, 2-0, in the Winner’s Match to secure the first Upper Bracket berth for Group D.

EG bounced back from their loss against Na’Vi by breezing past paiN, 2-0, in the group’s Loser’s Match then defeating Liquid, 2-1, in the Decider Match.

Here are the full standings for the Group Stage:

Credit: DreamHack Dota

Main Event Bracket

With the conclusion of the Group Stage, we now know what the bracket will look like for the Playoffs:

Credit: DreamHack Dota

The Main Event will open with a marquee matchup between Nigma and EG, followed by a showdown between the two top Chinese teams in the tournament, VG and IG.

Secret will then take on Fnatic before we get another dose of Dota’s El Clásico as the new Na’Vi and Alliance squads face off.

Meanwhile, the Lower Bracket will open with its treacherous first round of best-of-one elimination matches.

South American squads Beastcoast and paiN will be matched up in the opening match of the Lower Bracket, followed by Aster and Chaos EC.

Southeast Asian squads TNC and RR will then face off, with the first round of eliminations ending with Liquid and VP fighting for their tournament lives.

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