A close series between Evil Geniuses and Business Associates ended in surprising fashion as EG strolled into BA’s base uncontested to win game three.

For game three, EG drafted a Terrorblade and Death Prophet for Artour “Arteezy” Babaev and middle lane stand-in, Eric “Ryoya” Dong.

Meanwhile, Business Associates decided to go with a Riki hard carry for David “Moo” Hull and a Shadow Fiend for Leon “Nine” Kirilin.

After losing their lanes, EG was able to catch up by countering Business Associates’ aggressive smoke gank plays. This gave Arteezy a 5,000 surge in gold and gave EG control of the map.

However, despite losing multiple gank attempts, Business Associates continued to push into EG’s side of the map and it eventually paid off with Braxton “Brax” Paulson’s Beastmaster casting two key Roar ultimates that helped them regain map control.

EG then decided to take the fight to business associates by taking a big team fight in the Dire base which lead to Arteezy’s Terrorblade being taken down.

EG regrouped and went for another Dire base push and with their superior base damage-dealing heroes, they decided to go for the enemy’s tier four towers. This gave Business Associates the opening they needed to take down Arteezy’s Terrorblade once again.

After two successful base defenses by Business Associates, they decided to wait outside the Radiant base hoping to catch an unsuspecting EG hero for a counterattack.

However, unbeknownst to them, EG were already making their move towards the Dire base. After cutting the top and middle lane creep waves, EG ran straight into the Dire base uncontested and took down the enemy Ancient in mere seconds.

With Evil Geniuses 2-1 victory, they eliminate Business Associates from the ESL One Los Angeles Online North American tournament and advance to the playoff semifinal match where they’re set to face CR4ZY in a best-of-three elimination match.

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