Nintendo‘s life simulation game Animal Crossing: New Horizons (AC:NH) has taken this week’s social channels by storm ever since it launched on March 20. Multiple players have been sharing what their life is like on their very own islands — from fishing, catching bugs, and even kidnapping.

We’ve listed down some of the cutest and funniest AC:NH moments we’ve found on Reddit and Twitter. Take a look!

Catch of the day

Fishing for the first time in Animal Crossing? You’re in for a pleasant (or unpleasant) surprise! Once the fish’s silhouette bites the bait and the player reels it in, you can either catch an actual magnificent marine creature or haul in a piece of trash.

If the catch is indeed a fish, new players will be shocked once it comes up. The game exaggerates the size of the sea creatures, just like this ocean sunfish caught by Twitter user @TheDamnThinGuy.

From something as small as a seahorse to something as humongous as a whale shark, every catch will be a surprise for players.

The quickest way to finish New Horizons?

Tom Nook’s island getaway package doesn’t come for free, unfortunately, as the tanuki entrepreneur will gradually ask you for Bells throughout your stay. There are multiple ways to earn the payment to Nook, but one villainous player named Slug had a unique idea.

Firstly, he “kidnapped” one of Tom Nook’s nephews Tommy and enclosed him in a cage. Then he posted a threatening message on the town bulletin asking the Residential Services owner to cancel all his debts.

Now, while this method doesn’t really work, we sincerely hope no tanukis were harmed in this diabolical scheme.

What are you doing, Charlise?

Being swift and silent are the two key traits needed to catch dormant bugs which can be found at any time of the day on the island. This eager ACNH player was about to swoop in on a bug when his luck ran out.

The villager bear, Charlise, unfortunately, sat down on the player’s prey just before he could make the catch and gave Twitter user @kakinoki0722‘s character quite the nonchalant stare in a power move after the fact.

Talk about bad luck

Remember that time when you were trying to catch a bug, and then another one appears? This was exactly what happened to Redditor IMadeThisOnRum.

While he was running away from a swarm of bees, he chanced across a tarantula, too. Talk about a double whammy!

Getting bitten by the former will give players a swollen face for the rest of the day, while the latter’s sting will make the player pass out. Ouch.

COVID-19 on New Horizons

Is there a chance that the plague COVID-19 will reach your island and infect your cute villagers? Probably not, but Redditor dontstressflowrpress decided to reenact the real world by wearing a mask and even putting an area on lockdown.

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