Arena of Valor is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game played by millions of players globally. Aside from the strategic fun it brings, it also contains some of the cutest Arena of Valor heroes who are visually rich, stunning eye candy.

There are burly heroes, hot heroes, young heroes, and exotic-looking ones — but who’s the cutest Arena of Valor hero?

Out of all of AoV’s characters, a few truly stood out because of their adorable appearance, as seen in their default costume and skins.

Here are the five cutest Arena of Valor heroes, from Capheny to Violet.

The 5 cutest Arena of Valor heroes

  • Capheny
  • Lindis
  • Yena
  • Diaochan
  • Violet


Idol Capheny is one of the cutest Arena of Valor heroes
Credit: Tencent

Despite the fact that Capheny rarely smiles in the game, she remains to be one of the cutest Arena of Valor heroes. Capheny is just oozing with cuteness as seen in her skins, such as Maid Cafe Capheny and Idol Capheny.

Don’t let her beauty fool you, because her blasters are deadly and can instantly put enemies to sleep.


Credit: Tencent Games

Lindis is a sweet-faced assassin who hides in the shadow of the moonlight. Her face captures a beauty that’s beyond the stars and the night sky, making her one of the cutest Arena of Valor heroes.

Like any other MOBA champion who harnesses the power of the moon, Lindis possesses a radiant glow that’s simply out of this world.


Yena in Arena of Valor
Credit: Tencent

Don’t just stand there and watch Yena move — you might get caught in her deadly dance of blades.

Aside from her enchanting appearance, Yena also lures players in with her graceful (yet lethal) battle moves. Some of the Yena skins that are worth collecting are her WaVe Flame and Moonfall skins.

In the warrior/assassin department, Yena belongs on top of the list for the cutest Arena of Valor heroes.


Diaochan in arena of Valor
Credit: Tencent

Chinese literature fans might be familiar with AoV’s Diaochan, who was loosely based on the 14th-century historical novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. She is a beautiful woman who used her looks to cause chaos to the men around her.

In Arena of Valor, Diaochan is a sorcerer with unmatched power. Her skillset includes a spell that can slow down enemies and an ultimate ability that has a massive area of effect (AoE).

Diaochan’s Blizzard covers a wide area that can freeze not just enemies, but the hearts of men as well.


Arena of Valor, Violet
Credit: Tencent

Violet is a very reliable carry in the game, which is why she is every player’s go-to marksman. Wearing a short hairstyle and equipped with a pair of pistols, Violet is the coolest girl among AoV heroes.

Completing her items in the game gives players an overpowered assassin hero whose bullets can penetrate even the toughest of characters.

What’s more, Violet is one of the heroes with the most cosmetics in AoV, with a total of 13 skins. She portrays many skin concepts, from magical school girl to beautiful demon.

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