Curious about who’s next to be added in the colorful roster of Apex Legends characters? Thanks to dataminer That1MiningGuy, we have information about another upcoming legend.

There is no way to tell at this time whether Reckoner is next in the pipeline to be the game’s next new addition. All we know so far is that he is dubbed a “Self-Sacrificing Romantic” and is equipped with the following abilities:

  • Shield Blast — A passive ability that causes explosions whenever you break shields, dealing damage to nearby opponents.
  • Shield Stealer — This tactical ability appears in the form of an energy beam that drains enemy shields while recharging your own.
  • Gravity Orb — Reckoner’s Ultimate uses a slow-moving gravity orb that bends the trajectory of nearby attacks.

Based on these early, unofficial descriptions, Reckoner seems like a good fit for a kamikaze play style. With his signature abilities you can disrupt enemies’ game plans by causing distractions and initial damage up close, while leaving the killing blows to your teammates stationed farther out at a distance.

Considering we just got a new legend in Crypto when Apex Legends Season 3 launched on October 1, it will likely take a while before we see Reckoner officially introduced in the game.

We’re not even sure if he’s next in line to be introduced, as dataminers have previously hinted that about a dozen more characters are already further along in development at the Respawn studios.

Check out That1MiningGuy’s full breakdown of Reckoner below:

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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