Industrious data miner, Shrugtal, has been able to datamine information regarding Apex Legends upcoming Season 4, as well as a possible map update.

Shrugtal shared the information in a Tweet that shows upcoming event timers for a World’s Edge map update teaser, and a Season 4 teaser.

If the leaks are to be believed, there will be three in-game teasers for the upcoming map changes set to take place on January 21, 23, and 28.

Meanwhile, Season 4 teasers are scheduled to begin at the end of Season 3 and will last one week into Season 4.

Two in-game scenes will be released on January 23 and 27, which will introduce Season 4. The leaks indicate that the teasers are set to end on February 11, which could also be Season 4’s debut date.

Shrugtal added that the in-game teasers in World’s Edge will involve holograms at some point. The map will also switch to a Desertlands setting leading up to the release of Season 4.

Apex Legend’s Season 3 came out on October 1, 2019, and is about to reach its fourth month in the game’s life cycle.

During its release, they introduced Crypto, the Charge Rifle, and multiple map changes. We expect the same type of treatment for the game’s upcoming Season 4 phase.

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